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    The Step 1-2-3 Mentor For Life Initiative is a growing non-profit organization. We need your support to continue growing!

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    Step 1-2-3 Virtual STEM Summer CampTM

    This virtual STEM summer camp is being provided FREE courtesy of our sponsors for 6 FULL WEEKS.


    In response to COVID-19 and at our founding, Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative has committed itself to provide safe and engaging alternatives to provide mentoring, education, and academic empowerment in virtual and in-person events, initiatives, and programs.


    We have leadership that signed on to do one thing, "BE MENTORS FOR LIFE." Our students thrive when we STICK AROUND. We want you to have something special too so we are inviting students to REGISTER for the VIRTUAL STEM SUMMER CAMP TODAY!


    Registration Means YOU GET:

    1. 6 weeks of Step 1-2-3 Virtual STEM Summer CampTM
    2. Camp Supplies and Materials Packets
    3. Zoom Virtual Access to Phenomenal and Inspiring Instructors across 6 fields
    4. A White Lab Coat and Graduation Ceremony with your name and the program name individually embroidered on it
    5. Graduation Certificate
    6. and many more free things from our future sponsors


    Presently our sponsors/community partners include:

    • Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative
    • AT &T of Alabama
    • State of Alabama Relief COVID-19 Funds
    • and many more to come

    6 Week Summer Camp

    Week 1: Robotics

    Week 2: Technology

    Week 3: Medical (COVID-19)

    Week 4: Patent Law

    Week 5: Mathematics

    Week 6: Leadership



    SPONSORS, please follow our campaign page button below to donate so we can track all donations, WE WANT EVERY KID TO ATTEND FOR FREE!





    Week 1 & 2 Vernicka Mack

    Week 3 Jeneen Beck & Rajesh Speer

    Week 4- Rajesh Speer and Gidget Benitez

    Week 5 Neena Speer & Jeneen Beck

    Week 6 Toi Witcher



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  • Graduation Ceremony 2020 STEP 1-2-3 VIRTUAL STEM SUMMER CAMP

    We are having a white coat ceremony for our campers if you were a speaker we hope you buy yours so you can join us next time! Aug 22nd, 2020 was a blast!

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    Neena Speer-Founder & Executive Director

    Tsipporah Christopher-Vice President

    Rajesh Speer-Non-Profit Management & Consulting

    Marcus Cotton-College Program Development & Outreach

    Alayna Smith-McFee-Social Media & Marketing Consultant

    Sandrieka Moore- Corporate Relations and Sponsorship Director