• Initiatives

    Speaker Series

    Notable speakers and many many more have agreed to be a part of our Speaker Series launching at select schools in Alabama! We are launched this series in Spring 2017 and have continued to have riveting and thought-provoking speakers speak in our classrooms and communities.

    Creative Expression Contest

    We want students to write stories about the success of good mentoring programs at the schools we serve. So we are launching a cash prize award where students we mentor can enter by telling their success stories with OUR Mentors in any way they see as creative expression.

    Bridge to Community Initiatives

    A community service and oriented approach to reconnecting schools to our community by hosting community events that provide a service to the community by teaching skills, techniques, or impact service that changes lives, increases knowledge, and spreads positive meaningful impact in OUR communities.


    Graduate students serve as mentors to undergraduate students. Paired by similar interests and courses of study, both parties push each other to graduate, and explore every professional and academic opportunity available to them. Every member of our college program is recruited to be a mentor on the Elementary, Middle, or High School level.