• Neena Speer

    Founder/Executive Director; Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    Tsipporah Christopher

    Vice President; Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    Rajesh Speer

    Management Consulting and Advising Director

    Samantha "Sami" Pline

    Corporate Relations and Sponsorship Director; Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    Marcus Cotton

    College Schools Program Development and Outreach Director; Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    Jasmine Blair

    Social Media Marketing Director; Middle School Mentor

    Paige Reynolds

    AL Schools Program Development and Outreach Director, High School Mentor

    Monica Edwards

    Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    "Monica, a native of Marion, Alabama, always knew the importance of engagement in various communities. She is dedicated to being a source to uplift, empower, and educate people. Monica looks forward to the continued success of Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative and her mentorship for those reasons. "

    Jamal Sowell

    Summer 2016 Cohort College Mentor

    "Jamal Sowell is a Pat Tillman Military Scholar at Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law. As an undergrad, he was elected as the UF student body president in 2004-05 to advocate on behalf of the 50,000-member student body. He is excited to serve as a mentor with the Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life to help young people excel in life! "

    Indya Brown

    Middle School Mentor

    "Indya has been engaged in serving others since a very young age. She has always had a strong passion for being a part of things that are bigger than herself. This semester she was inspired to take on the task to be a Step 1-2-3 Mentor by Neena Speer. Since becoming a mentor, she has committed herself affect those within her community."

    Monica Ayhens-Madon

    Middle School Mentor

    "Monica joined the Step 1-2-3 program to connect with students beyond my college classroom. Mentoring has connected her with two bright, strong girls, and it she states that it is a privilege and honor to be a part of their lives. And thanks to Step 1-2-3, these connections will continue for years to come!"

    Lisa Smith

    Middle School Mentor

    "Lisa Smith was interested in becoming a mentor because when she was younger she didn’t really have anyone to look out for her and point her in the right direction. Looking back on her younger days, she wished she would have had someone that really cared about her to point her in that right direction. Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life Initiative is Lisa's chance to positively influence someone and be that person to help them."

    Amber Craig

    Middle School Mentor

    "Amber hopes to become a child psychologist or maybe an Elementary school teacher as she has yet to decide between the two! I’m very excited to see how my relationship with my Step 1-2-3 mentee ends up growing!"

    Harrison Morrow

    DC Mentor

    "Harrison began actively serving his community at an early age, has continued serving through his young adulthood, and is a product of a single parent household. His mom, Mary, kept him busy every week in different organizations and service projects, always seeking another opportunity to teach him to help people if he could. Harrison's life resembles service and he is ready to touch the world of young people as a STEP 1-2-3 Mentor for Life! "

    Tiara Lynn

    DC Mentor

    "Tiara has been serving her community by tutoring middle school and elementary school students since her sophomore year of high school. One of the main people who assisted in triggering her interest in education is her mother, who was a teacher for over 20 years. She is excited to work with Step 1-2- 3 Mentor for Life in being a positive role model to her mentee(s)."

    Chante Harris

    College Mentor Recruiter

    "Chante has been engaged in community service and civic engagement since the age of 13. The experiences of her grandmother inspired her passion to work in public affairs. She is excited to serve as a mentor as part of the Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life to help young women set and achieve their goals. "

    Gabrielle Mgeni

    Gabrielle’s passion for helping those in need was inspired by the strong women around her. Gabrielle’s mother and grandmother inspired her. They were both active within the community in organizations such as The Links Inc., Jack & Jill, and the Boys and Girls Club. Gabrielle saw the power of active mentorship when her grandmother became Minnesota’s first African American principal. She is excited to take part in assisting Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life have a greater impact across more communities.

    Eric Robison

    Eric is an young, ambitious leader in his community. He loves to serve and help others in need. Since he was 11, he decided to help serve others by volunteering and creating an inviting atmosphere to all. In particular, he loves to serve through his arts of acting, singing, and playing musical instruments. With all that he has to offer, Eric is excited to become a mentor of Step 1-2-3 Mentor to help a younger generation prosper beyond their goals and dreams.

    Salena Lee

    Salena Lee is from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in General Business with minors in history and political science at the University of Alabama. Named to the Dean’s list with a 3.7 GPA, Salena is dedicated to her studies and wishes to attend Law School. She has always enjoyed giving back to her community through community service. As a Step 1-2-3 Mentor for Life, Salena is dedicated and ready to help younger students achieve success in all aspects of life.