• Do you like fundraising? Looking to gain experience in Non-Profit Development? You could you be useful on our fundraising team! Email us if you are interested, be sure to add "Step 1-2-3 Fundraising Team" to the subject line.

    Like our program? Wish we could partner on events? Have any suggestions for partnerships? Email us! We're open to exploring all organizational partnerships. Include "Step 1-2-3 Future Partnerships Team" in the subject of your email.

    Do you like recruiting new mentors or recruiting in general? Know someone who'd thrive as a mentor? Want to become a professional recruiter, and need experience? Join our recruiting team! Email us if you are interested. Use "Step 1-2-3 Mentor Recruiting Team" in the subject line.

    Do you have great program development ideas for schools? Do you like planning events? Have experience or looking to gain experience in programming? Learn about our Program Development Team! Email us! Use "Step 1-2-3 Program Development Team" in the subject line.

    Do you work with schools and have great contacts? Are you an educational professional? (or aspiring to be?) Did you work for programs like Teach For America, and Americorps Jumpstart? Help us recruit more school partnerships as part of our School Recruiting Team by emailing us. Add "Step 1-2-3 K-12 Schools Recruiting Team" to your subject.